2003 Yamaha 225 3.1L OX66™ V MAX®

225 3.1L OX66™ V MAX®
Yamaha V MAX® outboards with OX66™ Advanced Fuel Injection are the perfect blend of performance and affordability. Quick on the trigger and big on speed, this is the engine that made the V MAX® name a legend on the competitive trail. Yamaha's OX66™ technology was the first marine EFI to attain automotive fuel injection standards. An exclusive O2 Sensor continually adjusts the fuel/air mix for instant throttle response and superior fuel economy. Six independent throttle intakes optimize air and fuel delivery for heart-in-your-throat acceleration and top-end speed. The RAM Air cowl dramatically boosts engine air flow. Precision Blend™ Oil Injection injects oil as it's needed. The list of performance features goes on and on. You can have your OX66™ V MAX® model in a bruising 250hp, 225hp or 200hp.

In addition, hard rubber motor mounts stabilize steering response at high speeds and in rough water. The offset crankshaft provides precisely synchronized firing order for a smooth, powerful ride. And, a two-stage vapor separator keeps fuel cool and conserves battery power.

  • Yamaha's Microcomputer continually monitors all major engine functions.
  • Freshwater Flush Device enables you to flush the engine without starting the engine.
  • Low Water Pick-up improves cooling performance and setup flexibility.
  • The Optional VX-MAX® Prop was designed especially to maximize performance on the muscular V MAX® 250/225/200.

    OX66™ - Uncompromising Performance And Reliability. From the start, V MAX® OX66™ outboards have earned a reputation for smooth-running reliability and rugged, long-life durability. And we back them up with one of the best two-year limited warranties on the water.